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You want to bring your song to life?

Good news! We want the same thing.

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Expert Sound Engineers

Whether you’re an up-and-coming artist with a fire in your belly and a million ideas bouncing around in your brain, or if you’re a seasoned musical veteran who is done messing around with sub-par studio musicians or uninspired producers – one thing is for certain: You want to bring your song to life. Good news:  We want the same thing.


Founded in 2019 and based out of Saint Louis, Missouri, Evasion is where your music takes flight.  Melding our years of music production and mixing expertise with our own special blend of mad-scientist style approach, Evasion provides musicians of all genres and experience levels with superior instrumentals, audio editing, audio repair, mixing, and master vocal takes and songs. 

Meet The Experts
Music producer and resident Songwriter
 Expert In Mixing and Mastering